The · Julia · Garden Planter

The Julia Garden Planter was made for those who like the finer things in life. Its lovely weather-resistant frame makes it suitable for any outdoor living area. The Julia is available in any of our assortment of hardwoods and stands on aluminum legs. The Ella planter is the sister piece to the Julia and is built with matching wooden legs instead of aluminum.


Typical Specifications

wall thickness:   3/4" or 1"
width:   16-1/2"
depth:   16-1/2"
height:   22-3/8"

Construction Information


The Julia Garden Planter is a hybrid combination of exotic hardwood and aluminum. The planter is created with classic rail construction. The sides and botton surfaces are made from hardwood.


The legs are crafted from structural aluminum angle measuring 3 inches wide by 3 deep by 3/8" thick. The legs height will be determined by the style of planter requested. The aluminum legs are attached to the sides with forged aluminum hex socket button-head bolts.