Cumaru Coffee Table

Bring on the popcorn for movie night

This cumaru two-tier coffee table with lower shelf is a functional and beautiful solution for living area storage. The table can hold magazines, books, blankets or remotes on the lower shelf to reduce clutter in sitting areas. The items are still close at hand when someone sits down to rest. The table features solid wooden plates and block legs that give a transitional to contemporary design look.


Typical Specifications

width:    34 1/2"
depth:    29 1/2"
top height:    19"
shelf height:    6"

Construction Information

This cumaru two-tier coffee table has a top surface and lower shelf that are contructed from 1" thick machined cumaru hardwood that is joined together with waterproof and foodsafe adhesive as well as mechanical fastening through the use of internal sipo mahogany tenon joinery. The legs are crafted from 1-7/8" cumaru hardwood squares.